Best Paid Online PC Games

Best paid online pc games, along with the list of the best free PC online games, you also can’t hurt to try paid games. This is because paid games typically provide better and more varied features and having fun experiences.

1. Amongst Us

You’ve certainly often seen games that have common genres, whether it is RPG or shooter. Amongst Us is a video game with innovative gameplay, requiring foresight and the ability to read the movements of various other personalities in purchase to win.

Amongst Us is a Werewolf-like video game where you and 9 other individuals are participants of the team of a spaceship. However, the 3 of you’re impostors that can covertly eliminate you one at a time.

Your job is to attempt to guess that is the impostor, while at the same time attempting to prevent this impostor from killing you. This video game is also available free of charge for mobile phones.

But if you play it on a PC, you can obtain it from Heavy vapor for IDR 40,000. Unlike the mobile variation, the PC variation of Amongst Us has no advertisements and you can obtain special features through articulate chat and some personality outfits. Click here to buy it Best paid online pc games.

2. Last Dream XIV: A World Reborn

Best Paid Online PC Games

Best Paid Online PC Games

Last Dream XIV features an affordable fight system in between all connected gamers. Such as an MMORPG idea video game, you’re required to first produce a personality that will later on become the main protagonist.

The video game features 8 races that gamers can choose from. They are the races of Elezen, Lalafell, Roegadyn, Miqo’te, Hyur, Au Ra, Viera and Hrothgar.

You can update your personality by making experience factors (EXP) in various ways. However, one of the most effective move is to complete each objective, explore dungeons and eliminate monsters.

When these factors are effectively obtained, your personality will degree up and affect the statistics to control your stamina and protection system throughout fight.

3. Tom Clancy’s The Department 2

The Department 2, which is the sequel to Ubisoft’s best-selling video game collection, truly offers a shooting video game setting with a reasonable setting. Here you’ll function as an representative of The Divison in the city of Washington DC after the outbreak of a fatal infection. The residents became panicked and were ready to do various ways to survive.

Well, these various residents after that equipped themselves and formed various factions spread throughout the city. Can you support the circumstance so that Washington DC can go back to being a risk-free city?

This is among the best RPG shooter games that has a third-person point of view. You’ll feel the excitement of progressing up and updating tools or finding new tools from beat opponent managers.

Besides, when else will you have the ability to explore the city of Washington DC from afar? The Department 2 truly offers games with a high quality degree just comparable to AAA offline games. And if you begin to feel challenging with the opponents, you simply need to sign up with with various other gamers so that you could attack a horde of opponents from various sides.


PUBG stands for Gamer Unknown’s Fight Ground which is a fight imperial video game. At the beginning of the video game, you’ll parachute from an plane and decide on your own where to land.

This is a survival video game where you need to gather various sources such as tools, shield, and items for healing. Later on, you have to combat 99 other individuals in purchase to be the last gamer on the battleground.

Among the unique aspects of this video game is that the map is so wide that you truly have lots of room to eliminate off opponents one at a time. Want to ambush the opponent or fire using a sniper, everything is lawful to do.

The important point is that you’re not the first to pass away. The point is if you pass away, you’ll not respawn and need to begin the video game session from the start again.

5. Overwatch

In a manner, Overwatch is a video game that creates a brand-new category, which combines MOBA genres such as Dota 2 or Organization of Tale with first individual shooter genres such as Call of Duty or Fate 2.

The outcome? Overwatch instantly gathered a lot acclaim with a unique design of play such as never ever before. Here you can choose various personalities with certain functions, and your objective is to perform group strategies to eliminate the opponent group without grace.

There are various video game settings that you could play such as exercising versus the AI, exercising at the shooting range, having fun delicately in Fast Play setting as well as affordable games. You can also produce your own phase with rules that can be personalized as you such as.