factors underlying mobile game addiction

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factors underlying mobile game addiction, Nowadays, the youth are more engaging with their more advanced handphones having high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs. However, existing literature depicts that adolescents suffer from several forms of psychological problems including psikis health, depression, loneliness, insomnia and low self-control due to mobile game addiction. Therefore, this studi aims to find the prevalence and motivating faktors for mobile game addiction among university students.

factors underlying mobile game addiction

factors underlying mobile game addiction


A cross-sectional survei was carried out to collect the required information from 1125 students of three universities. Descriptive statistics, χ2 tes and ordinal regression mode are employed to meet the objective of this studi. factors underlying mobile game addiction,

The findings reveal that male students are more likely to show addictive behaviours than their counterparts in the context of mobile game addiction. The results depict that loneliness, duration of using handphones and playing mobile game, and source of pertunjukan are the main cause of mobile addiction. Also, more than half of the informants (54.3%) are severely addicted to mobile game who were influenced by friends and YouTube gamers to play game. Moreover, students are suffering from several physical problems such as headaches, eye discomfort, blurry vision and ear discomfort.


Considering the findings of this paper, the authors suggest that the authorities should consider this immediately and arrange a positive pertunjukan environment to prevent students from mobile game. Furthermore, it is necessary to encourage students to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities that may be helpful to lessen mobile game addiction among students in Bangladesh.


The current zaman is technology-dependent and over the last decades, technology has improved tremendously. Almost every sector is trying to absorb the recent technology for completing their tasks smoothly as well as akirately within a minimal time in every corner of the world. Youth are now much more engaged with their more sophisticated handphones, which have high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs. Among the broad kisaran of activities, gaming is one of the activities using kekinian generation handphones in addition to phone calls and texting.

Recently, more developed and advanced handphones offer high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs to users which attract them to play more time. Most of the game can be unduhed for free which is known as ‘freemium games’ but need to pay for ekstra fiturs (Su et al., Reference Su, Chiang, James Lee and Chang2016). A studi pointed out that new generation mobile game are more challenging and players choose to play challenging game (Balakrishnan and Griffiths, Reference Balakrishnan and Griffiths2019).

In recent years, Massively Multiuser Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) have been the most populer and challenging game (Achterbosch et al., Reference Achterbosch, Pierce and Simmons2008; Scott and Porter-Armstrong, Reference Scott and Porter-Armstrong2013; Sourmelis et al., Reference Sourmelis, Ioannou and Zaphiris2017; Raith et al., Reference Raith, Bignill, Stavropoulos, Millear, Allen, Stallman, Mason, De Regt, Wood and Kannis-Dymand2021). Previous studies illustrated that MMORPGs are more addictive to men than women due to their interactive, collaborative and competitive nature (Liu and Peng, Reference Liu and Peng2009; Barnett and Coulson, Reference Barnett and Coulson2010; Laconi et al., Reference Laconi, Pirès and Chabrol2017).

According to Donati et al. (Reference Donati, Chiesi, Ammannato and Primi2015) game jeniss play a penting role as a risk faktor for game addiction (Donati et al., Reference Donati, Chiesi, Ammannato and Primi2015). Mobile game addiction is a part of Internet gaming disorder (Laconi et al., Reference Laconi, Pirès and Chabrol2017). Researchers from all over the world have performed studies to determine the motivations for this addiction. Sherry et al. (Reference Sherry, Lucas, Greenberg, Lachlan, Vorderer and Bryant2006) investigated that 68% of adolescents play mobile game as their weekly pertunjukan (Sherry et al., Reference Sherry, Lucas, Greenberg, Lachlan, Vorderer and Bryant2006). Most of the researchers mentioned two major faktors of addiction – Escapism and Advancement.