The Development of Popular Online Game Technology

The Development of Popular Online Game Technology, Online games are a technological development, particularly on the planet of entertainment that uses the internet network as a race. Formerly, online games were produced for 2 gamers and the purpose was for the learning process and could just be used a computer system. Together with its development, online games can currently be had fun with mobile phone or mobile phones, thus drawing in many mobile phone users to play online games with various kinds and choices.

The Development of Popular Online Game Technology

Often there are questions that recommend that online games can be made in a simple way such as “How can such complex online games be produced? Does it use complicated technology too? Or is it not made by people but robotics?”. Essentially, Online Games can be made easily and also we can make Online Games inning accordance with our own wishes as lengthy as we understand and understand the elements and what techniques are needed in production the Online Video game.

Popular Online Game Technology

The main element in online video game development is coding or programming. Of course we need a sufficient computer system or laptop computer while developing this Online Video game. After we understand about Coding, we also need to understand how the design appropriates for the video game we are mosting likely to make to earn our video game the best variation of revealing the feelings of the gamers.

Well, currently we enter into the actions while production Online Games. The first step is to think or appearance for the idea of what kind of video game will be made. As we understand, there are many kinds of online games available on smart phones or computer systems, such as MOBA, RPG, MMORPG, FPS, and so forth. Usually the kind of video game that will be made is the kind preferred by the manufacturer.

The next step is to do research and find out what is needed in production such as how it appearances, the gameplay, and how we can benefit in production this Online Video game. Again, about money, anything we do requires funding and anticipates a revenue. So, for instance, if we just make online games for ourselves, we’ll obtain satisfaction but not profit, so we need to take note of how we can obtain money so that the games we make can develop in the long-term.

Points to think about in carrying out this research are

The abilities we have, if we do not have abilities such as programming we need to hire other individuals and this costs money.
What language will we use?
Display and what features will we provide in the video game.
Reconsider or conserve something that we’ll include if we want to upgrade new features in the future.

After that the next step is to determine what software we’ll use in production the video game so that it can work well. A simple mobile video game actually does not truly need any specific software. Perhaps we simply need an editor and compiler. If we want a perfect video game as we want such as video, design, and features, of course we must have high software specs. Yes, of course the greater our assumptions, the more budget or costs we need to have. The Development of Popular Online Game Technology,

After downloading and install the software that we need, the next step is to begin coding or programming using the programming language that we have defined.

The next step is to test the video game that we make whether it works out inning accordance with plan or there are insects that we need to obtain eliminate. This process may take a very long time because we have to earn certain that the video game we make must run well,

And the last is marketing the games we make. This step may be quite challenging because we are novices, but there are many ways on the web that we can use to market our games, such as producing websites so that individuals can buy and download and install games, signing up with the Play Store, Appstore, Heavy vapor, or others. We can also make non-digital duplicates and disperse to video game stores or various other sellers.

Perhaps that is simply the ways or action in production Online Games to the author’s knowledge, for more information perhaps you can ask video game developers or individuals that develop Online Games either independently or operate in Online Video game companies.

7 Devices Playing Online Games

7 Devices playing online games. There are many ways to play online games. Online games are available free of charge or paid. To obtain it, you can download and install and buy it on official online sales networks or video game store applications on various devices that you have. Online games can also be used some popular devices. Perhaps you’re acquainted with or have listened to of Playstation or Nintendo.

7 Devices Playing Online Games

Devices Playing Online Games

Here are some of one of the most commonly used devices for online video pc gaming

1. Console
A console is a video gaming device or system that can be connected to a tv or various other screen entertainment device in the home. The console can be connected to the internet to download and install and purchase various kinds of games. The world’s most well-known companies creating gaming consoles are Microsoft with Xbox items, Sony with Playstation items, and Nintendo with Nintendo 3DS items.

2. Mobile Applications
Online games can be obtained free of charge or paid in online store applications on mobile phone os. On the kind of Android telephone you can obtain it on Msn and yahoo Play. Users of Apple items with the iOS os can download and install it at the Apple Application Store. 7 Devices playing online games.

3. Mobile Console
A mobile console is a kind of small online video game console that you could take anywhere. Mobile video game gaming consoles are equipped with a web link so you can download and install and buy online games anywhere. Popular mobile gaming consoles used consist of the Nintendo Switch, Playstation Mobile, and Video game Boy Color.

4. Website

Websites or websites that provide online games can be found on the web. Online video pc gaming websites provide various kinds of games free of charge. Along with games, there are many free academic games that you could access on many websites on the web.

5. PC
Online games can be used computer systems. Many online games with multiplayer features or that can be had fun with many individuals can be accessed through computer system devices with Microsoft, Linux, Mac and various other os. Players can communicate in an online globe on computer system online games.

6. Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality or AR is an innovation that combines real-world circumstances with online video in online games. AR allows users to experience the atmosphere of video clip games in the real life. Among one of the most popular instances of online AR games is Pokemon Go.

7. Online Reality
Online Reality or VR technology allows players to enter the aesthetic globe of games by utilizing VR devices. VR devices are usually worn on the arm or legs so that they can after that move inning accordance with the video game.

Online Games Among Millennial Generation

Online Games Among Millennial Generation, In this millennial era, the widespread use of electronic devices such as mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and others, are widely used for various purposes. Information technology is constantly evolving at this time, constantly bringing change and impacting social life. One of them, the great influence of online games on the current generation. An online game is a network-connected game program that we can play anytime, anywhere and can be played together in groups around the world and the game itself displays interesting images as desired, supported by a computer (Bobby Bodenheimer, 1999).

Online Games Among Millennial Generation

Online Games Among Millennial Generation

In today’s digital age, mobile gaming has become a favorite of gamers. This is in line with the high number of smartphone users around the world, including Indonesia. Currently online games are spreading in society, especially among teenagers. Even this game can be accessed by all circles by teenagers, parents, and even children. All the games offered in online games provide entertainment that can make gamers motivated to play it again and again or addictive. This type of game in the virtual world can be reached by everyone around the world without limits and time. The situation is different with traditional games that tend to rely on the muscles of the body.

Online Games Among Generations

Online games, more use of the brain’s ability to think and the agility of the fingers in pressing the buttons of the controller stick. Newzoo data shows the number of smartphone users worldwide will reach more than 3.3 billion during 2019. The total number of mobile gamers worldwide will reach 2.3 billion. In Indonesia alone, smartphone users reach more than 82 million. Mobile game players in Indonesia reach more than 52 million. Indonesia is ranked 17th globally with the largest number of mobile gamers. Indonesia also contributed USD 624 million or the equivalent of Rp 8.7 trillion for mobile gaming during 2019.

Online games themselves have an appeal that makes people prefer to play than learn. This is evidenced by the large number of teenagers who spend time in front of a computer or mobile rather than books. As a result, learning activities are disrupted. In fact, online games do not simply have a negative impact. There are also positive impacts such as, one can find new things, new opponents and new tactics. Some of the online games also present games that have a nuance of brainstorming and require a person to concentrate. Online Games Among Millennial Generation,

The most surprising positive impact of online games is that, playing the game about 20 minutes before learning can increase concentration in learning. This has been done by researchers in the United States, New York. Children who already know a strategy in the game can improve the ability to develop in Mathematics, Problem Solving (problem solving), and the ability to read especially if the game can be played in English. However, we see gamers who play online games, most forget time and forget about other activities. So, there are assumptions that make playing online games negative. Even so, if played continuously and excessively. Even so, online games are more likely to have a negative effect if a person is addicted. This can lead to forgetting about time,

Sometimes gamers do not realize if they are too busy playing online games. In fact, to the point of forgetting to eat, drink. And the lack of exercise can make the body vulnerable to disease. Due to the lack of smooth metabolism of the body, the radiation emitted by the monitor can also damage the eyes and nerves. This is proven to be often encountered by gamers who often use glasses. A gamer is sometimes isolated, making it difficult to socialize with the community. They prefer to interact with fellow opponents to play. Sometimes, gamers often look depressed, because they lose the game or get upset with a teammate who can not work with him. Various negative impacts not only on health but also cause many criminal acts committed by the ‘addicts’ of online games.

One example is the $ 5,000 dollar grab where the Madden tournament is being held at a Pizza restaurant, Florida. The tournament had to end in a bloodbath because David Katz (24) was angry and started shooting people blindly after losing the tournament (

Another example of an impact on mental health. Pavel Mateev (15 years old) from Tomsk, Russia who ended his life in a sadistic way by beheading himself with a chainsaw on the morning of September 4. The Russian Investigative Committee also investigated the case, focusing on the hypothesis of “incitement to suicide”.

However, if Mateev’s reason is not because of the dangerous game, then his addiction and emotion to online games itself made him do such a desperate thing. The International Health Agency (WHO) indicates that video game addiction is one of the mental disorders (

It is best for gamers to be good at dividing time and not forget about other activities and not to prioritize playing games. There are some tips so that a person can stop from addiction to online games such as, follow activities that are more useful so as not to remember to continue to play online games, parental supervision for children to prevent children from plunging into the world of games. And further tips to quit game addiction must have a strong intention to quit, and so on.

From this can at least reduce the negative impact of playing online games. As we know that something excessive will definitely have a bad impact, even with this online game. We can play games just to relieve stress but back to each individual where we must limit ourselves so as not to be too excessive in playing games so as not to end up addicted to games.

factors underlying mobile game addiction

Latar belakang

factors underlying mobile game addiction, Nowadays, the youth are more engaging with their more advanced handphones having high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs. However, existing literature depicts that adolescents suffer from several forms of psychological problems including psikis health, depression, loneliness, insomnia and low self-control due to mobile game addiction. Therefore, this studi aims to find the prevalence and motivating faktors for mobile game addiction among university students.

factors underlying mobile game addiction

factors underlying mobile game addiction


A cross-sectional survei was carried out to collect the required information from 1125 students of three universities. Descriptive statistics, χ2 tes and ordinal regression mode are employed to meet the objective of this studi. factors underlying mobile game addiction,

The findings reveal that male students are more likely to show addictive behaviours than their counterparts in the context of mobile game addiction. The results depict that loneliness, duration of using handphones and playing mobile game, and source of pertunjukan are the main cause of mobile addiction. Also, more than half of the informants (54.3%) are severely addicted to mobile game who were influenced by friends and YouTube gamers to play game. Moreover, students are suffering from several physical problems such as headaches, eye discomfort, blurry vision and ear discomfort.


Considering the findings of this paper, the authors suggest that the authorities should consider this immediately and arrange a positive pertunjukan environment to prevent students from mobile game. Furthermore, it is necessary to encourage students to participate in sports or other extracurricular activities that may be helpful to lessen mobile game addiction among students in Bangladesh.


The current zaman is technology-dependent and over the last decades, technology has improved tremendously. Almost every sector is trying to absorb the recent technology for completing their tasks smoothly as well as akirately within a minimal time in every corner of the world. Youth are now much more engaged with their more sophisticated handphones, which have high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs. Among the broad kisaran of activities, gaming is one of the activities using kekinian generation handphones in addition to phone calls and texting.

Recently, more developed and advanced handphones offer high-quality graphics and gaming fiturs to users which attract them to play more time. Most of the game can be unduhed for free which is known as ‘freemium games’ but need to pay for ekstra fiturs (Su et al., Reference Su, Chiang, James Lee and Chang2016). A studi pointed out that new generation mobile game are more challenging and players choose to play challenging game (Balakrishnan and Griffiths, Reference Balakrishnan and Griffiths2019).

In recent years, Massively Multiuser Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) have been the most populer and challenging game (Achterbosch et al., Reference Achterbosch, Pierce and Simmons2008; Scott and Porter-Armstrong, Reference Scott and Porter-Armstrong2013; Sourmelis et al., Reference Sourmelis, Ioannou and Zaphiris2017; Raith et al., Reference Raith, Bignill, Stavropoulos, Millear, Allen, Stallman, Mason, De Regt, Wood and Kannis-Dymand2021). Previous studies illustrated that MMORPGs are more addictive to men than women due to their interactive, collaborative and competitive nature (Liu and Peng, Reference Liu and Peng2009; Barnett and Coulson, Reference Barnett and Coulson2010; Laconi et al., Reference Laconi, Pirès and Chabrol2017).

According to Donati et al. (Reference Donati, Chiesi, Ammannato and Primi2015) game jeniss play a penting role as a risk faktor for game addiction (Donati et al., Reference Donati, Chiesi, Ammannato and Primi2015). Mobile game addiction is a part of Internet gaming disorder (Laconi et al., Reference Laconi, Pirès and Chabrol2017). Researchers from all over the world have performed studies to determine the motivations for this addiction. Sherry et al. (Reference Sherry, Lucas, Greenberg, Lachlan, Vorderer and Bryant2006) investigated that 68% of adolescents play mobile game as their weekly pertunjukan (Sherry et al., Reference Sherry, Lucas, Greenberg, Lachlan, Vorderer and Bryant2006). Most of the researchers mentioned two major faktors of addiction – Escapism and Advancement.

Video games are good for you!

Video games are good for you! For years video games have been criticised for production individuals more antisocial, obese or depressed. Now scientists are finding that games can actually change us for the better and improve both our mind and body.

Games can help to develop physical abilities. Pre-school children that played interactive games such as the ones available on Wii have been revealed to have improved electric motor abilities, for instance they can kick, capture and toss a sphere better compared to children that do not play video games. A research study of surgeons that do microsurgery in Boston found that those that played video games were 27 percent much faster and made 37 percent less mistakes compared to those that didn’t. Vision is also improved, especially informing the distinction in between tones of grey. This works for driving at evening, piloting an airplane or reading X-rays.

Video games are good for you!

Video games are good for you!

Games also benefit a variety of mind functions, consisting of decision-making. Individuals that play action-based games deciding 25 percent much faster compared to others and are no much less accurate, inning accordance with one study. It was also found that the best players can make choices and act upon them up to 6 times a 2nd, 4 times much faster compared to most individuals. Video games are good for you!

In another study by scientists from the College of Rochester in New York, skilled players were revealed to have the ability to take note of greater than 6 points at the same time without obtaining confused, compared to the 4 that most individuals can normally bear in mind. Furthermore, video games can also decrease sex distinctions. Researchers have found that ladies that play games are better able to psychologically manipulate 3D objects.

Video games are good for you!

There’s also proof that video pc gaming can assist with psychological problems. At the College of Auckland in New Zealand, scientists asked 94 youths identified with anxiety to play a 3D dream video game called SPARX and oftentimes, the video game decreased signs of anxiety greater than conventional therapy. Another research group at Oxford College found that having fun Tetris soon after direct exposure to something very distressing – in the experiment, a movie of terrible scenes of injury and fatality was used – can actually prevent individuals having actually disturbing flashbacks.

The impacts are not constantly so favorable, however. Indiana College scientists performed mind checks on boys and found proof that fierce games can change mind function after as low as a week of play, impacting areas in the mind associated with psychological control and triggering more hostile behavior in the gamer. But Daphne Bavelier, among one of the most skilled scientists in the area, says that the fierce activity games that often worry moms and dads most may actually have the greatest beneficial effect on the mind. In the future, we may see many therapies for physical and neurological problems which integrate the having fun of video games.

Best Paid Online PC Games

Best paid online pc games, along with the list of the best free PC online games, you also can’t hurt to try paid games. This is because paid games typically provide better and more varied features and having fun experiences.

1. Amongst Us

You’ve certainly often seen games that have common genres, whether it is RPG or shooter. Amongst Us is a video game with innovative gameplay, requiring foresight and the ability to read the movements of various other personalities in purchase to win.

Amongst Us is a Werewolf-like video game where you and 9 other individuals are participants of the team of a spaceship. However, the 3 of you’re impostors that can covertly eliminate you one at a time.

Your job is to attempt to guess that is the impostor, while at the same time attempting to prevent this impostor from killing you. This video game is also available free of charge for mobile phones.

But if you play it on a PC, you can obtain it from Heavy vapor for IDR 40,000. Unlike the mobile variation, the PC variation of Amongst Us has no advertisements and you can obtain special features through articulate chat and some personality outfits. Click here to buy it Best paid online pc games.

2. Last Dream XIV: A World Reborn

Best Paid Online PC Games

Best Paid Online PC Games

Last Dream XIV features an affordable fight system in between all connected gamers. Such as an MMORPG idea video game, you’re required to first produce a personality that will later on become the main protagonist.

The video game features 8 races that gamers can choose from. They are the races of Elezen, Lalafell, Roegadyn, Miqo’te, Hyur, Au Ra, Viera and Hrothgar.

You can update your personality by making experience factors (EXP) in various ways. However, one of the most effective move is to complete each objective, explore dungeons and eliminate monsters.

When these factors are effectively obtained, your personality will degree up and affect the statistics to control your stamina and protection system throughout fight.

3. Tom Clancy’s The Department 2

The Department 2, which is the sequel to Ubisoft’s best-selling video game collection, truly offers a shooting video game setting with a reasonable setting. Here you’ll function as an representative of The Divison in the city of Washington DC after the outbreak of a fatal infection. The residents became panicked and were ready to do various ways to survive.

Well, these various residents after that equipped themselves and formed various factions spread throughout the city. Can you support the circumstance so that Washington DC can go back to being a risk-free city?

This is among the best RPG shooter games that has a third-person point of view. You’ll feel the excitement of progressing up and updating tools or finding new tools from beat opponent managers.

Besides, when else will you have the ability to explore the city of Washington DC from afar? The Department 2 truly offers games with a high quality degree just comparable to AAA offline games. And if you begin to feel challenging with the opponents, you simply need to sign up with with various other gamers so that you could attack a horde of opponents from various sides.


PUBG stands for Gamer Unknown’s Fight Ground which is a fight imperial video game. At the beginning of the video game, you’ll parachute from an plane and decide on your own where to land.

This is a survival video game where you need to gather various sources such as tools, shield, and items for healing. Later on, you have to combat 99 other individuals in purchase to be the last gamer on the battleground.

Among the unique aspects of this video game is that the map is so wide that you truly have lots of room to eliminate off opponents one at a time. Want to ambush the opponent or fire using a sniper, everything is lawful to do.

The important point is that you’re not the first to pass away. The point is if you pass away, you’ll not respawn and need to begin the video game session from the start again.

5. Overwatch

In a manner, Overwatch is a video game that creates a brand-new category, which combines MOBA genres such as Dota 2 or Organization of Tale with first individual shooter genres such as Call of Duty or Fate 2.

The outcome? Overwatch instantly gathered a lot acclaim with a unique design of play such as never ever before. Here you can choose various personalities with certain functions, and your objective is to perform group strategies to eliminate the opponent group without grace.

There are various video game settings that you could play such as exercising versus the AI, exercising at the shooting range, having fun delicately in Fast Play setting as well as affordable games. You can also produce your own phase with rules that can be personalized as you such as.

5 Best Online PC Games in 2022

5 Best Online PC Games in 2022, pc online games have been very popular in Indonesia since the early 2000s. At that time, two of the most popular games were Ragnarok Online and GunBound. The online game model until now continues to grow because it is supported by more modern technology. The developers always offer a variety of genres in order to continue to compete in the tight gaming industry.

The advantages of online games allow us to play together with many people who can be invited to work together in completing certain missions. Although it can be accessed via a smartphone, playing online games on a PC is more comfortable and exciting.

A smooth and stable internet connection is something you must have if you want to stay connected with other gamers out there. For those of you who want to feel the mabar atmosphere with other gamers, the following will provide recommendations for the 5 Best Online PC Games in 2022 that you can try.

5 Best Online PC Games in 2022

5 Best Online PC Games in 2022

Best Free PC Online Games 2022

The best doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, some of the following PC online games are very interesting to play even though they are free. Here is a list of the 10 best PC online games that you can get for free.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale
In this game, you and 99 other players will be sent to an island. In that place, you are forced to survive and fight against them until no one is left, except yourself.

There were no friends, and all were enemies fighting each other. If you survive the war until the end, then you will automatically be the winner.

There are many weapons that you can craft during the game. Later you will be provided with an ax that can be used to make walls, stairs, doors and others.

In order to defeat the enemy quickly, you can try using a sniper. If you want to deal directly with your opponent, you can use an automatic rifle or shotgun.

2. DOTA 2
Defense of The Ancients (DOTA) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that is constantly evolving. In this second series, gamers are still loyal in playing it.

The game is divided into two teams, The Radiant and The Dire. Each team has five heroes played by each player. You can control one character out of a total of 111 available heroes.

Each hero character is grouped into three abilities, namely strength, agility and intelligence. The main mission of this game is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient buildings and defend their own Ancient buildings.

DOTA 2 itself provides training features for new players who have never tried this game. This mode is very useful as an introduction to gameplay mechanics.

3. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
The gameplay mechanism of Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not much change from the previous editions. Still the same as before, you are given the option to choose to join a terrorist group or a counter terrorist.

After that, you and other players will engage in a shooting battle to ensure the victory of each group.

If you’re good enough at playing counter strike, there’s nothing wrong with trying competitive mode. In this mode, you will be faced with an atmosphere of war that is more fierce and complicated.

You have to master the map of the battle arena location so you can place the right position to shoot your opponent. Strategy setting is the main step to win the war in every round.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a first person shooter game with unique and impressive mechanics. You see, even if you play different rounds with the same team/opponent, you can still apply completely different tactics and strategies.

Unlike Point Blank or CS:GO, in this game, your shots can penetrate walls (but the damage is reduced). And also you are encouraged to interact with building structures such as walls, doors, and others. Make the game feel more real and varied.

There are at least six modes that can be played, some of which are competitive and also non-competitive. For example, in Hostage mode, you are required to work together as a team to save prisoners held hostage by the enemy.

There is also a Bomb mode, where players are divided into two different teams. One must plant the bomb, and the other team must detonate the bomb. There are still several other modes that are no less interesting.

If you are bored with regular first person shooters and want to try something unique and have a smooth gameplay, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege could be the right choice. You can buy Steam for IDR 205,000. or 14 USD

5. StarCraft II
StarCraft 2 is a strategy game played in real time in a battle arena. Before starting to play, you are asked to choose one of three nations to control.

The Terrans are known for their work ethic. While the Protoss are good at making advanced technology. Lastly are the Zercs. They are a kind of intelligent insect that has a vicious killing instinct.

When starting the game, we will control a unit of workers whose job is to collect various kinds of resources. Later, these resources can be used to make buildings with different functions.

In order to win the war, you need the right composition of troop units. Thus, the strategy that is carried out later can destroy the enemy troops.

5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022

5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022, smartphone sophistication from year to year, encourages game publishers to issue a variety of innovative and more sophisticated games. In fact, some games on Android can already match the quality of games on PC.

5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022

5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022

Berikut ini 5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022

1.Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact is an action RPG game with gacha mechanics. This game received a lot of praise for its impressive visuals and excellent gameplay.

Genshin Impact has a party system and can be played in Multiplayer. What sets this game apart from other gacha games is the visual elements, gameplay mechanics, and a very wide world to explore.

2.PUBG: New State
PUBG: New State can amass more than ten million installs in less than a month. This game is a sequel to PUBG Mobile.

This version includes new gameplay mechanics, such as dodge, slightly improved graphics, new vehicles, and more.

3.Sky: Children of Light
Sky: Children of Light is an adventure game that was released in 2020. The game features seven worlds that you can explore, various customizations of your character as you wish, and graphics that can amaze our eyes.

4.League of Legend: Wild Rift
League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA game. This game is arguably the best MOBA game right now.

The matches take around 15-20 minutes and that’s a bit long for a MOBA Game on Android .

5. Monument Valley 2
Monument Valley has re-released its sequel series, Monument Valley 2. Both of these games are still very good.

And best of all, they both have nearly identical gameplay and graphics mechanics.

The player adventures through Escher style puzzles where levels can be moved to complete paths using illusions.

Here’s the coverage of 5 Best Android Game Recommendations 2022, Do you want to try playing the recommended game?

Best Online PC Game Recommendations

The best online PC game recommendations , usually, the appeal of single-player video games is in the story and the ability to play without a web link. However, once you graduate from college, you won’t get a lot of new content or challenges. Therein lies the appeal of online pc video games. Play with hundreds, thousands and many other players around the world, ensuring you keep getting new feelings and challenges with every fun session. Recommendations for the best online PC games

Best Online PC Game Recommendations

Best Online PC Game Recommendations

1. Fate 2

If you are looking for the best online shooting PC game, you can choose Fate 2. The video quality is ready, the story is also interesting to follow.

Fate 2 itself has actually been launched since 2017. Amazingly, now this online PC game can be played for free. Recommendations for the best online PC games

There are 2 settings you can try. The two settings are Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP).

In PvP settings, you and your friends can fight against various other groups. Can be 2 against 2, 3 against 3, up to 6 against 6.

In the PvE setting, you will complete the available stories and quests. You will satisfy various other players and be activated to collaborate in completing the game.

2. The World of Animal Seekers

Tidak hanya di konsol game, Beast Seeker Globe juga tersedia di PC! Sangat disayangkan jika Anda tidak memasukkan game ini ke dalam daftar video game PC online terbaik dunia pencari binatang.

Dalam game ini, Anda perlu mencari monster dari seluruh dunia. Monster yang Anda hadapi sebagian besar berukuran besar. Dibutuhkan strategi yang matang dalam pembelian untuk kehilangan lawan-lawan ini.

Jika Anda sudah mulai mengalami kesulitan untuk menyingkirkan monster saat ini, Anda dapat meminta bantuan dari beberapa pemain lain secara online. Nanti, Anda dapat dengan satu sama lain menemukan cara untuk kehilangan monster. Selamat mencari! Best Online PC Game Recommendations

3. Diantara Kita

Yang tidak tahu Diantara Kami? Ya, itu adalah permainan yang banyak dibicarakan dan dimainkan selama pandemi. Tentu saja, Amongst Us sangat layak untuk masuk dalam daftar video game online PC terbaik di antara kita.

Video Amongst Us sendiri sangat sederhana. Namun, gameplaynya sangat menyenangkan. Anda dapat bermain dengan 9 orang lain setiap kali.

Anda akan melayani sebagai tim kapal luar angkasa. Nanti ada yang bertindak sebagai penipu.

Nah, tugas Anda adalah untuk mengetahui bahwa penipu itu. Jika Anda menebak sebelum waktu permainan lebih dari, Anda akan menang. Di sisi lain, jika Anda seorang penipu dan berhasil mengalahkan semua peserta tim lainnya, Anda akan menjadi juara permainan. Best Online PC Game Recommendations

4. Rising Force Online Remastered

Di antara video game PC online terbaik pernah “dimatikan” oleh penulis di Indonesia, khususnya Lyto. Entah apa yang membuat Lyto mematikan web server game Rising Force Online atau biasa disebut RF Online. Namun, game tersebut akhirnya dipulihkan dengan nama RF Online Remastered pada tahun 2020.

Bagi yang sering bermain video game online pasti kenal dengan RF Online. Game ini akan menyambut Anda untuk bermain sebagai salah satu negara, khususnya Accretia Realm, Bellato Union, dan Divine Partnership Cora.

3 countries have their own specialties. Accretia with the Launcher, Bellato with the robot shield, and Cora with the animus. However, you don’t always have to choose a job, because there are still many jobs in each country that can cooperate in battle. Best Online PC Game Recommendations

What makes this game fun? Each day, you are welcomed to battle to destroy your opponent’s loom. What makes it interesting is that there are only 3 countries or weird. Maybe, your country is attacked by 2 countries at the same time. If you win the battle, there will be resources that you can mine for a few hours. Resources are needed to make your country stronger Best Online PC Game Recommendations

4 Online Educational Games for Children

Online Educational Games for Children Admittedly or not, this educational game is included in one of the learning media , where in the function of this learning media there are techniques in teaching and learning activities with the aim that social processes and social interactions related to educational communication take place appropriately or are said to be effective and efficient. So that in the end it can stimulate the thoughts, feelings, attention and interest of students in the learning activities carried out.

Online educational games are indeed the best choice for all parents for their children because they are much more effective and efficient. So educational games like this can be your choice as a parent if you want your child to learn while playing.

Especially with the sophisticated world of technology as it is today that makes it easier for everyone to get games. The reason is, you can easily find various kinds of games on the internet for children to use.

Online Educational Games for Children

Online Educational Games for Children

List of Online Educational Games for Children Brain Ability

Teaching and learning activities in schools that are quite dense sometimes make children feel bored studying at home. You as a parent must be able to get around to educating children from home by playing educational games.

Maybe you are also still a little confused in choosing an educational game that is suitable for your child’s age. Because now there are many educational games according to age and of course they can be the best choice.

Some Online Educational Games For Children. What are the options? Check out the explanation!

  1. Learn Origami Game for Kids

    In this first online educational game, your child will be invited by Spongebob and friends to learn the art of paper folding. This game is also suitable for kindergarten children because it can train their fine motor skills.

    Even though there are only 5 origami, it turns out that this game is no less fun for children to play. More interestingly, this game can be used as an activity with the family.

  2. Clock Reading Game

    Sometimes reading the clock is still a problem for elementary school children around the age of 6 to 9 years. Therefore, to help train your child’s ability to read clocks, this educational game seems to be the right choice.So in this game, you can teach your child how to read the clock correctly.

  3. Brain Game: Picture Match

    This next type of online educational game for Android can help children improve their memory skills easily. So, the child will find a picture that is scattered randomly. If the child is able to match all the pictures correctly, then the game will win. This game also has three different modes, such as no time limit, normal, and hard.

  4. Guess the Word Game

    If your child is more than one, then you can invite them to play guessing words. Although it sounds quite simple, this game can be the best alternative to educational games. While the purpose of this game is to teach children to want to participate in the game. It even makes children more confident when participating in learning activities at school.

    From a number of online educational games like this, it is very suitable for kindergarten and elementary school children. You don’t need to be confused about where to look because the internet has provided it.

Those are 4 Online Educational Games for Children that you can try, Moms. Not all games are bad for children, you know.

On the one hand, educational games for children can build children’s interest in learning and exploring new things. 

On the other hand, regulating the use of gadgets for playing is also needed so that children learn in an orderly manner and can divide their time wisely. Most importantly, parental assistance is very important for children’s growth and development in all aspects.